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Soalan FreeKick

      helllo guys. hari ini aku nak memain soalan soalan english bagi mencabar ketahanan english aku. Sejauh manakah ianya akan bertahan? kemain ayat aku. wkwkwkww  ♥ ♥ .
        here the undengg-undeng :
      1.  Answer the questions .
      2. Tag people and link them to your post
      3. Let them know you’ve tagged them

      QUESTION :
        1.What was the last thing you ate?
             Siam Rice

        2.Favorite male group?
             All Kpop Groups*mau kene bahan ni*

        3.Favorite female group?
           All Kpop Group *mau kene bahan nih*

        4.Last song you listened?
           Cengkerik-Krik Krik Krik

        5.What was the best book you’ve read by now?
             LOL, i burned all my book except EPOP!

        6.What was your first OTP?
             OTP ? what? Orang Tanak Pulang? Orang Tak poyo?

        7.Current ship that you adore.
             I HATE SEA!!!!!

        8.What was your favorite cartoon when you were a kid?
             Doremon .

        9.What languages are you fluent in?
             Indonesia, English, Korean, MALAY and I understand some other languages quite well but I can’t speak them properly such as, mexico -_____________-

        10.I love coffee, what is your preferred drink?
              Kurangkan Gula dalam makanan, Maniskan senyuman dalam mulut.

        11.If you could meet any three people from tumblr, who would they be?
             What the heckkkk~~ Tumblr? i love bieber only -_______-

        about Kpop questions:

        1. What was the first jrock band/kpop group you ever listened to?
             BEAST! SUJU ! SNSD ! *this not first, soryy*

        2. Who was your first bias?
             Dujun (beast) and DongwOon (beast)

        3. What was your first OTP? (sensing a pattern here? XD)

        4. What is your ultimate OTP?

        5. Who is your ultimate bias?
             Ultimate idk, what i know, all my bias. wakakak *TAMAK*

        6. What is your favourite band/group?
            ALL KPOP GROUP,how many times you wanna ask me?

        7. What is your favourite fashion style?
            I really likemix and match fashion.

        8. What is your favourite book or movie (or both!)?
              tuttt tuttt tuttt.......

        9. What is/are your favourite tumblr(s)?
            teetttt tettt teeeet.......

        10. Is your best friend in the same city/country as you?
            yes, but they futher study and i myself alone ! +_+

        11. When did you join tumblr, and what was your first URL?
            i wanna kick you,bear!

        Kpop again~ questions:

        1. First kpop song?
            SNSD - Gee.♥ .

        2. Ultimate male bias?
            my mother and father, *Getting Bored with Your Question*

        3. Ultimate female bias?
            SNSD *all all all all all ~~

        4. Do you currently have feelings for anyone right now?
            Sure I do. wanna know? buuuuuuu~~

        5. What are you wearing right now?
            *muntah Darah* do you stalking me or what? *scared*

        6. When was the last time you took a selca?
            selca is selfcam? hm hm yesterday.

        7. Who’s your favorite fic author?(if you have one)
            FIC? *selak kamus* *1 hour ago* ...........................................

        8. Do you write fanfiction?
            Not really, eh? lagu fiction ke? yes..... <3

        9. Whats the last kpop song you listened to?
            Cinderella's Stepsisters

        10. When was the last time you were extremely mad at someone?
            with Muet exem. who tick my paper !!!???!!!! O_O

        11. Your last url before the one you have now?
            Seoul.Fm   yeahhhh~~~ yeahh~~ tak pun RadioBalen On twitter :P hukhukhuk

        p/s :
        sekian terima kasih. kalau jawapan tak memuaskan hati anda, sila lah ke twitter dan facebook saya untuk penampar free ^_^

        by : si comey yang kuat stalk profile orang ♥ .♥ .

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